Weekly classes


The club meets each Saturday in St Andrews High School, Old Monkland Rd, Coatbridge.


We welcome members of all ages from the age of 6 years onwards (although children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times who must remain on the premises for the duration of their tuition).


Experienced adult members have a very relaxed music session of their own or can join any of the tutored classes to improve their skills. There's a good mix of adults, teenagers and youngsters at the club, which gives it a great family atmosphere.


Weekly routine

Instrument classes start at 11.00 am, and are usually followed with a short session where all club members get to play together, with different grades of tunes being played to allow everyone to join in.


All classes stop at noon for short tea/tuck break, before returning to practice. Beginners carry on till 1.00 pm while the rest of the club continues until 2.00pm.


From the 2015-16 session, we will be introducing an additional midweek class on a Wednesday night in the Coatbridge Community Centre, adjacent to St Andrew's. The focus of this class will be the club's bands and grupai ceoil, rather than individual tuition.



The cost of each week's tuition is £4.00, payable on the day.


As members of St Patrick's, you are also required to take out annual membership of Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann. The fee is £8.00 for adults, £4.00 for children (up to 16 years of age) or £14.00 for a family membership.


New members

Beginners are usually introduced to Irish traditional music on the tin whistle (which can be bought from the club at your first lesson) and once they've mastered the basics of that, they can develop their skills further on a main instrument such as flute, fiddle, accordion, harp, banjo, bodhran or drums.


Instrument bank

The club has built up a large bank of these instruments, which members are allowed to borrow for extended periods, This gives beginners the opportunity to try out the suitability of particular instruments before purchasing any for themselves.


Practice, practice, practice...

All club musicians are encouraged to continue their practice outside of the club at home, enabling them to progress to being competent musicians in their chosen instrument.


For beginners and anyone moving onto a new instrument, we recommend around 30 minutes' practice each day. This will help develop playing skills to a level whereby they become competent enough to compete in solo performances at Fleadh level and more importantly, to join one of the ceili bands or grupai cheoil representing St Patrick’s in competition.


Many of our tutors have themselves progressed through the ranks from beginners, to intermediate and advanced levels and are now passing on their wealth of experience to our younger members.